2017-2018 Board of Directors

Title  Name(s) Short Description Contact
Co-Presidents Christy Bric

Deoyani Nandrekar

Lead all meetings (both general and board). Oversees all committee chairs. prez@camom.net
 Secretary TBD Takes meeting minutes at the General Meeting.  secretary@camom.net
Treasurer Deoyani Nandrekar Manages the finances of the organization. Prepares annual budget. treasurer@camom.net
Membership Sophia Olowokakoko

Ashley Moore

Responsible for membership recruitment and welcoming new members.  membership@camom.net
Programs Chrissy Leis

Sarah Cheng

Coordinates speakers for monthly general meetings.  programs@camom.net
Hospitality Samantha Marks

Aura Santaella

Akta Patel Parikh

Responsible for organizing family events, including Halloween Party, Holiday Party, and Summer Picnic.  hospitality@camom.net
Sunshine Erica Wilcox

Erin McArdle

The role of the Sunshine Committee is to support new moms, as well as moms in need. This is accomplished through CAMOM volunteers who make and deliver meals, help with childcare, or simply lend an ear. We all have needed, and continue to need, support. It is truly special to connect with moms where we share such an awesome commonality. Simple gestures of friendship go such a long way.  sunshine@camom.net
Monthly Activities Coordinator(s) Steph Kirchner

Susan Lord Moris

Responsible for organizing monthly playgroups, coping coffees, and mom’s night out events. playgroups@camom.net
Ways and Means  Wendy Greenfield

Kate Cahill

Kim Curtis

Coordinates all fundraising activities for the club including the Fall and Spring Consignment Sales and other Fundraising Activities. sales@camom.net
Philanthropy Julie Minano

Amy Kelly

Coordinates charity work and philanthropic contributions for the club. philanthropy@camom.net
Webmaster and Big Tent Admin Erin McGonigle

Kristi Ramachandran

Maintains the BigTent members-only online community and public camom.net site. webmaster@camom.net
Newsletter KeyKey Crabbe

Krista MacGahan

Submissions to our club newsletter should be sent to the Editor by the 20th of each month to be published in the next month’s issue. newsletter@camom.net
Historian/Social Media Kat McGonigle Takes pictures at club activities, organizes club photos, and keeps a record of the club’s accomplishments and activities for the year. historian@camom.net