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    April Meeting topic announced

    April General Meeting: Break out sessions – April 9th, 7:30, Christ Episcopal Church

    Join us as we split into groups with mothers who have multiples of approximately the same age, and talk about the hot topics at this stage of your journey of raising multiples. Get advice on parenting styles, sleep solutions, behavioral issues, potty training, eating, and so much more. We will also have a pregnancy group to share ideas about feeding/breastfeeding, preparation for the arrival of the new little ones, etc.

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  • Monthly Meetings,  Updates

    March Meeting

    March General Meeting: Ask the Pediatrician – March 5th, 7:30pm, Christ Episcopal Church
    Please join us for a Q&A session with a beloved and extremely experienced pediatrician, Dr. Wendell McKay. He is the pediatrician for several of our members’multiples, and has been a HUGE hit at our meetings for several years running. Come prepared to join in the discussion and ask any questions you may have.   

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