Other Mutiples Organizations
Annapolis Mothers of Multiples Mid Atlantic Parents of Multiples (MAPOM)
Montgomery County Parents of Multiples National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs (NOMTC)
Frederick County Parents of Multiples  
Support and Informational Links
Preemies Today The only preemie parent support group in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area. Their mission is to reach out and provide support to families of infants born prematurely beginning at birth and throughout childhood. Membership is FREE and benefits include parent support, online support, family gatherings, educational seminars, monthly newsletter, and sharing of ideas and experiences.
MOST (Mothers of Supertwins) A national non-profit organization and support network for families who are expecting or parenting triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, or more. MOST provides information, resources, empathy, and good humor during pregnancy, infancy, toddlerhood, and school age.
Managing Multiples
[email link]
Provides a comprehensive private class designed to prepare parents expecting multiples for the unique aspects of pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, and life with more than one baby. Diane Benson, Certified Childbirth Educator and mother of twins, has taught over 600 couples expecting twins and triplets. She will come to your home and share her vast expertise in all the areas listed above. The private class takes approximately three hours and prices are based on an hourly fee. Call (410) 750-9487 or email ecgirlslax@verizon.net to sign up or for additional information.
Marvelous Multiples Provides information, resources, and organizations that support multiple birth families.
Multiple Multiples A small on-line support group for moms with multiples sets of multiples.
Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to families before, during, and after a diagnosis of twin to twin transfusion syndrome.
IVFConnections.com A website where users can support each other and share information abour their IVF experiences.
Parents Place
of Maryland
Center for Families of Children with Disabilities.
Family Education Network Provides age-appropriate activities and recipes to do with your kids.
Elizabeth Pantley
(Author of the No Cry Sleep Solution)
Provides advice, solutions, links, and books about parenting.
PreemieCare The mission of PreemieCare is to educate, support, and offer additional resources for families of babies born preterm and preemie support group leaders.