Help CAMOM with its Fundraising Efforts to
Support its Members by Shopping!
That's right. By shopping online you can help CAMOM support its members and members of our community. How? It is easy.

Join iGive!

iGive.com is an online community that connects causes, like CAMOM, with members and their favorite places to shop. Through routine online shopping you can help raise a significant sum of money that will benefit you as a member of CAMOM. There is no cost to you or to CAMOM and your donations are tax deductable. Get friends and family to sign up also to help contribute to our philanthropy efforts!
igive with CAMOM

There are over 900 merchants that, through iGive, donate a percentage of your purchase back to CAMOM. Additionally, there are often special offers and discounts for shopping through iGive. Hey, who doesn't like free shipping? You can find a wide variety of stores from automotive to jewelry to clothing to toys. Currently there are 32 baby and maternity sites like Baby Gap, Motherhood Maternity, and One Step Ahead.

Reasons to Shop Through iGive
  • Help keep members' services costs LOW!
  • Help provide more for families in need in CAMOM and in our community.
  • You're probably shopping online ANYWAY, why not have it benefit you and CAMOM?
  • Up to 26% of your purchases is donated to CAMOM.
  • Your donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE.
  • CAMOM will get an extra $5 donation from iGive if you purchase something within 45 days of signing up.
  • You can get special deals and coupon codes from merchants for online purchases.
  • It's safe and easy!
Start Shopping and Donating TODAY!
It is easy to sign-up. Just go to:

Once you sign up, there are easy ways to shop online in order to automatically make a donation: the iGive Mall (iGive.com), iGive Newsletter, or iGive Button. Using the iGive Search Engine also raises money for CAMOM. Shop and search using any of these methods and you and CAMOM benefit!
Be sure to tell your family and friends. They can also shop through iGive to make tax deductible donations to CAMOM. They do not need to be a member of CAMOM to sign-up and donate via iGive.
If you have any questions about how to use iGive to benefit CAMOM, drop an email to: